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EuroGap covers the difference between purchase price and market value of the vehicle in case of total loss or theft. Insurance guarantees up to 100% recoverability of the purchase price of the vehicle for up to 5 years.

EuroGap highlights:

  • Up to 5 years of guarantee of getting sufficient resources to buy a new vehicle.
  • Optional casco deductible reimbursement insurance.
  • Choice of casco insurer is up to the client, GAP insurance is not cancelled at the moment of change of the casco insurer.
  • Lumpsum or annual payment.
  • Claim limit 1.000.000 CZK

Intended for

  • individuals
  • companies and self-employed individuals

Eligible vehicles:

  • up to 3.5 tons (M1, N1)
  • covered by CASCO insurance
  • up to 6 years from first registration
  • up to 150 days from the purchase date (not owned more than 150 days)

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Risks covered

Total loss due to:

  • accident
  • natural disaster
  • theft
  • other risk according to the primary insurance.

Other GAP products:

TruckGAP – RTI Gap for trucks and buses over 3,5 tons.

LeaseGAP - RTF (return to finance) Gap - covers the difference between the balance of the financial obligation to the leasing company or bank and the market (general) value of the vehicle at the time of claim.

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