Insured event

Total loss due to an accident, natural disaster or theft of the vehicle. A GAP insured event occurs if the primary insurer (casco provider) awards a total loss.

Notification of the claim

  • Please fill in the Accident Report Form part A and send the signed original within 8 days after the occurrence of the loss to:

Colonnade Insurance S.A., organizační složka
Na Pankráci 1683/127
140 00 Praha 4

  • You will be assigned a reference number of the loss.
  • After the primary insurer (CASCO/TPL insurer) completes the claim adjustment procedure and you receive a document stating the amount of the insurance payment, please fill in the Accident Report Form part B and send the signed original to our address.

You can contact us by phone or email at:

Tel.: +420 234 094 011

Documents required

After you are assigned a reference number of the loss, please send us legible copies of the following documents by mail or email:

  • Purchase document
  • Certificate of registration of the car, part II (Certificate of Roadworthiness - all pages)
  • Financial contract regarding the financing of the car (loan agreement, lease-purchase or other financial agreement), if applicable
  • Documents regarding CASCO insurance
  • Documents regarding reporting the accident to/investigation by the police
  • Driving licence of the driver who was driving at the moment of the loss event
  • Address of the place where the damaged car is stored, including contacts for an inspection if necessary

After the primary insurer completes the adjustment procedure, please send us legible copies of the following documents by mail or email:

  • Documents regarding the amount of the insurance claim paid by the primary insurer
  • Documents regarding the completion of investigation by the police or other relevant public authority
  • Document regarding the sale or liquidation of the remains of the car
  • Copy of the GAP insurance contract
  • Copy of the service log book

The right of the insurer to request further relevant documents for further investigation of the loss is not prejudiced by the list above.


Insured event

A sudden and unpredictable internal mechanical or electronic failure of the vehicle that renders the vehicle out of order.

Notification of the insured event

  • If the failure may cause further damage, lay up your car and transport it to a contractual repair shop. Please, notify us of the insured event within 8 days after it occurred, before the repair is commenced.
  • We will give you contact information regarding your closest contractual repair shop at 234 108 311. If the insured event occurs abroad, your selected repair shop must be approved by the insurer before the repair work is commenced.
  • The owner of the vehicle covers the costs of identifying the fault and diagnostics.
  • The repair shop will assess the condition of the car and inform the insurer of the type of failure. If the part is covered by the policy, the fault may be repaired with the consent of the adjuster.
  • The costs of repair are paid directly to the repair shop. If necessary (repairs abroad), the amount will be paid to the client based on an invoice submitted.

Documents required

  • Job order
  • Description of the cause of the failure
  • Itemized repair budget
  • Photo-documentation (VIN, registration plate, reading of the number of km driven in total, broken part before replacement, after dismantling, new part mounted in place etc.)
  • Name and contact details of the repair shop where the car may be inspected or where further documents may be requested.