All risks insurance covers sudden and unpredictable damage caused to machinery. This insurance product includes the possibility of additional business interruption insurance caused by a machinery failure.

Intended for

  • Companies and facilities that operate machinery
  • Leasing companies
  • Self-employed individuals operating machinery


Insured object

  • All types of machinery - including machine tools, construction machinery, printing presses, compressors
  • Whole production lines
  • Movable machinery
  • Business interruption - loss of profit and fixed costs

Most frequent causes of damage

  • Damage caused by operation (breakage, over/under pressure, overheating)
  • Damage caused by electricity (short circuit, excess voltage or induction)
  • Damage caused by human factor (operating errors, accidental, negligence)
  • Damage caused by manufacturer (defective project, defective material/ workmanship, faulty installation)
  • Damage caused by frost and ice