All risks insurance of electronics covers all types of sudden and unpredictable material damage that are not part of the exclusions specified in the insurance conditions. The objects insured include individual electronic devices or sets of electronic devices and IT units.

Intended for

  • Companies and facilities equipped with office and information technologies and electronic devices
  • Leasing companies
  • Self-employed individuals who operate electronic devices


Insured object

  • Information, office and communication technologies
  • Video and audio devices
  • Measuring devices, exchanges etc.

Most frequent types of damage

  • Damage caused by operation
  • Damage caused by electricity (short circuit, excess voltage or induction)
  • Damage caused by human factor (operating errors, accidental, negligence)
  • Damage caused by manufacturer (defective project, defective material/workmanship, faulty installation)

Risks covered

All risks insurance covers risks such as:

  • Theft, vandalism
  • Fire, flood and other natural disasters
  • Operator errors, unprofessional handling
  • Short circuit, excess voltage, induction