This is simplified cargo insurance for domestic transport and transport from/to neighbouring countries by vehicles of the owner of the goods. A yearly indemnity limit is determined depending on the number of vehicles used, disregarding the total number of transport cases.

Intended for

  • business entities that carry out repeated transport of goods and services: by their own trucks or vans,
  • in the insured's own name,
  • within the Czech Republic and/or neighbouring countries,
  • as part of the business activities of the insured


Risks covered

  • traffic accident
  • fire, lightning stroke, explosion
  • collapse of a building or any part thereof, aircraft crash or fall of a part of an aircraft, falling of a tree
  • earthquake, volcanic eruption, windstorm, flood, landslide, avalanche
  • theft from a closed and locked vehicle if forcibly entered
  • possible additional insurance of loading and unloading


  • simple and unambiguous
  • separate insurance conditions
  • scope of cover encompasses the most frequent accidents that cause damage in road transport
  • symbolic price compared to the turnover achieved corresponding to a great number of transports, minimum administrative burden for the insured during the insurance period
  • contract may be changed without the necessity of issuing amendments
  • individual approach of the insurer to each client