Forwarders must be highly professional in procuring transport on behalf of their clients and a liability insurance is part of being professional. The basic scope of cover includes material damage and may be extended to subsequent and financial damage.

Intended for

  • Forwarding companies
  • Transport agents


Insured object

  • The insurance covers the forwarder's obligation to indemnify the principal for any damage due to the failure of the forwarder to meet its obligations in arranging the transport under the conditions of the forwarding or transport contract.


The insurance is based on the legislation governing contractual obligations arising from contracts of mandate and also regarding commission under the Civil Code.

  • Yearly insurance period with premium depending on the liability limit and annual turnover of the forwarder without any increase if paid in instalments.
  • Broad scope of cover.
  • Liability for damage caused by exceeding the delivery time in the basic scope of cover.
  • Insurance is extended by forwarder liability as road carrier.
  • Additional insurance of claims against the forwarder.
  • Territorial validity according to the actual activities of the forwarder.
  • The insurance may be arranged for other than material damage.