Our expertise and experience enables us to provide a tailored insurance solution covering every risk in the aviation industry.

Intended for

  • Manufacturers of aviation products
  • Airport operators
  • Airport ground staff
  • Airport suppliers
  • Company plane operators
  • General commercial aviation
  • Insurance of vehicles against war and terrorism

Scope of cover

Product liability

  • Statutory liability of aircraft hull and engine manufacturers and smaller component suppliers.
  • Liability of ground and work groups.
  • Cover of aircraft hull and liability for aircraft components in one's care and custody.

Liability of airport owners and operators

  • We design programmes covering the particular risks of individual airport operators.
  • Operator's liability may be limited to premises or include all aspects of the operation.

Maintenance, repair and general repair facilities

  • The facility premises, hangar administrators and products are covered either individually or in aggregate in one policy.

Service providers

  • All policies include third party liability arising from the use of motor vehicles at airports.