Cyber risks are part of our life in a world full of information and information technologies. There are various perils - from the loss of information from one laptop or computer up to risks arising from cloud computing. Cover against cyber risks is suitable for companies of all sizes, disregarding the industry.

Reimbursement of costs:

  • Of the recovery, new collection or recreation of data after a leakage or breach.
  • Of the investigation of data protection by regulatory authorities and fines for a security breach.
  • Of remedying the good reputation of the company and training in the problematic field of data controlling.
  • Due to a loss and theft of the customers' and employees' data

Advantages of the insurance

  • Applies to apparent and hidden consequences of cyber risks and enables companies to continue in their business activities without being afraid of the "domino" effect or a possible total collapse.
  • Provides cover against a range of risks that are not covered by regular liability insurance.
  • Provides services of reputable experts in the field of IT risks, PR and legal issues.