Environmental laws are steadily becoming stricter, which poses an increased risk of additional costs for companies in connection with the prevention or liquidation of environmental damage. EnviroPlus covers environmental risks that are usually excluded by standard policies.

Intended for

  • Manufacturers and industrial facilities
  • Warehousing premises and technological parks
  • Waste management companies
  • Commercial premises, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, laboratories
  • Real estate industry

Scope of cover

  • Elimination/liquidation of environmental damage under Act no. 167/2008
  • Costs of implementation of preventive measures
  • Costs of legal representation
  • Costs of implementation of remedial measures (investigation, elimination, cleaning, monitoring) inside and outside the property of the insured, including the costs of repairs of the property of the insured damaged in the course of remedial measures.
  • Damage resulting from a sudden and unexpected as well as gradual pollution.
  • Damage to health and property caused to third parties as a result of pollution.

May be extended by:

  • Business interruption insurance
  • Liability for environmental damage caused by transport.
  • Liability for environmental damage caused by construction assembly (including subcontractors).

The cover applies only to "new pollution", i.e. pollution that occurs only after the insurance contract is made.